Rapid Share - Operation and Services

Operation and Services

Upon uploading, the user is supplied with a unique download URL which enables anyone with whom the uploader shares the URL to download the file. No user is allowed to search the server for content.

In April 2008, RapidShare had 5.4 petabytes of storage for users. In March 2010 it stated, after a 120 Gbit/s upgrade, to have 600 Gbit/s of bandwidth.

Registration and payment allow benefits such as unlimited download speed, immediate download (instead of experiencing a waiting period), download of several files simultaneously, queue skipping, the facility to interrupt and restart downloads, uploading, downloading bigger files up to 2 GB and to store up to 50 GB of data that cannot expire.

Before 1 July 2010 there was a rewards program that allowed the user to trade "RapidPoints" for a selection of products depending on the number of points the user had collected. On June 18, 2010, RapidShare announced that it would stop this program along with RapidDonations on July 1, 2010, to avoid the impression it rewarded its users for uploading copyrighted material.

There are restrictions on downloads by non-account holders, for example a 167-minute waiting (increased in 2011 from 15–20 minutes) time between downloads; there is also a 5-minute (previously 1 minute) waiting period for each download once the user's waiting time between downloads has refreshed.

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