Rap may refer to:

  • Rapping, performance in which rhyming lyrics are used, with or without musical accompaniment (usually with drums or electronic); while an MC performs spoken verses in time to a beat/ melody
    • Hip hop
    • Hip hop music
  • In the 1960s Afro-American and hippie cultures, to talk or discuss, especially freely, openly, or volubly. "Achieving rapport with random talk". A form of "reasoning" as practiced by members of Rastafari

Rap may refer to:

  • Linguistics, a type of cadence in vocal communication that exhibits traits of both casual speech and formal singing. Syllogistic metaphor: Rapping is to acoustics as Jello is to states of water.

Rapper may refer to:

  • Rapper sword, a kind of sword dance associated with the North-East of England

RAP may refer to:

  • RAP sheet (Record of Arrest and Prosecution), a criminal record.
  • Rapid Refresh, a numerical weather prediction model which forecasts conditions within the next 12 hours for the United States, run hourly
  • Recognized Air Picture (RAP)
  • Recurring Advance Payment
  • Rent Assessment Panel for Scotland, now the Private Rented Housing Panel
  • Eclipse Foundation's Rich AJAX Platform, a software platform for developing Rich Internet Applications
  • the IATA airport code for Rapid City Regional Airport
  • Rassemblement pour l'alternative progressiste, a political party in Quebec
  • Regimental Aid Post
  • Restricted Area Permit, permitting entry into certain areas of India
  • Retirement annuity plan, a type of pension plan in the UK
  • Rocket Assisted Projectile
  • Route Access Protocol, a general protocol for distributing routing information at all levels of the Internet
  • Rule against perpetuities, a legal doctrine from the common law of real property
  • Right atrial pressure, a term describing the hydraulic pressure in a chamber of the heart
  • The Recognition and Prevention Program, a research center and clinic at the Zucker Hillside Hospital in Glen Oaks, New York dedicated to the early detection and prevention of psychosis
  • EMC Corporation's Resource Administration Platform: a flat-file database containing configuration details for all Legato NetWorker backup resources

Famous quotes containing the word rap:

    You killed me, Margo. I’m not taking the rap for you.
    Blake Edwards (b. 1922)

    The myth of black women profiting at the expense of black men is the oldest rap around.
    Johnnetta Betsch Cole (b. 1936)