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Examples of Ranking

  • In politics, rankings focus on the comparison of economic, social, environmental and governance performance of countries, see List of international rankings
  • In many sports, individuals or teams are given rankings, generally by the sport's governing body
    • In football (soccer) national teams are ranked in the FIFA World Rankings and, unofficially, in the World Football Elo Ratings.
    • In the Olympic Games, each member country (NOC) is ranked based upon gold, silver and bronze medal counts in the Olympic medal rankings.
    • In snooker, players are ranked using the Snooker world rankings
    • In ice hockey, national teams are ranked in the IIHF World Ranking
    • In golf, the top male golfers are ranked using the Official World Golf Rankings
  • In relation to credit standing, the ranking of a security refers to where that particular security would stand in a wind up of the issuing company, i.e., its seniority in the company's capital structure. For instance, capital notes are subordinated securities; they would rank behind senior debt in a wind up. In other words the holders of senior debt would be paid out before subordinated debt holders received any funds.
  • Search engines rank web pages by their expected relevance to a user's query using a combination of query-dependent and query-independent methods. Query-independent methods attempt to measure the estimated importance of a page, independent of any consideration of how well it matches the specific query. Query-independent ranking is usually based on link analysis; examples include the HITS algorithm, PageRank and TrustRank. Query-dependent methods attempt to measure the degree to which a page matches a specific query, independent of the importance of the page. Query-dependent ranking is usually based on heuristics that consider the number and locations of matches of the various query words on the page itself, in the URL or in any anchor text referring to the page.
  • In Webometrics it is possible to rank institutions according to their presence in the web (number of webpages) and the impact of these contents (external inlinks=site citations), such as the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities
  • In video gaming, players may be given a ranking. To "rank up" is to achieve a higher ranking relative to other players, especially with strategies that do not depend on the player's skill.
  • The TrueSkill ranking system is a skill based ranking system for Xbox Live developed at Microsoft Research
  • A bibliogram ranks common noun phrases in a piece of text.
  • In language, the status of an item (usually through what is known as "downranking" or "rank-shifting") in relation to the uppermost rank in a clause; for example, in the sentence "I want to eat the cake you made today", "eat" is on the uppermost rank, but "made" is downranked as part of the nominal group "the cake you made today"; this nominal group behaves as though it were a single noun (i.e., I want to eat it), and thus the verb within it ("made") is ranked differently from "eat".
  • Academic journals are sometimes ranked according to impact factor; the number of later articles that cite articles in a given journal.

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