Ranheim is a residential area located approximately 6 kilometers to the east of the centre of Trondheim, Norway. It comprises places such as Olderdalen, Væretrøa, Reppe and Vikåsen.

Historically, Ranheim is a working class community due to paper production at the local paper mill, where an overwhelming majority of Ranheim residents worked. Today, however, it is mostly middle class in composition and most residents work elsewhere. Ranheim Church was built 1933.

Ranheim was also known for its foul odour, commonly referred to as ‘Ranheimslukta,’ (the smell of Ranheim) which was caused by a paper processing by-product: hydrogen sulfide. In recent years, the paper mill has become a paper recycling plant which has decreased the emission of sulfides. The characteristic 'Ranheimslukta' has consequently disappeared.

Ranheim is home to Ranheim Idrettslag sportsclub and Ranheim Fotball.

Coordinates: 63°25′N 10°31′E / 63.417°N 10.517°E / 63.417; 10.517