Ramstein or Rammstein could refer to:

In Germany:

  • Ramstein-Miesenbach, German municipality
  • Ramstein Air Base, an air base located near that location
  • Ramstein air show disaster, an airshow disaster that happened there

In Entertainment:

  • Rammstein, a German metal band
    • Rammstein (album), an unreleased album by the band
    • Rammstein (song) a song by the band, to commemorate the Ramstein airshow disaster.
  • Ramstein (wrestler), the ring name of a Mexican professional wrestler

In France:

  • Château de Ramstein, French castle in Moselle
  • Château de Ramstein (Bas-Rhin), French castle in Bas-Rhin

Other uses:

  • 110393 Rammstein, an asteroid named after the German band