Rajesh (Rajeshwer) is a popular Nepali and Indian name. It originates from the word Raja, which means king and Eshwar, or the ultimate power. The complete word is Rajesh (Rajeshwer). The meaning of Rajesh is "the ultimate god, who is the king of gods".

Pronunciation: rah-jesh

Gender: Boy Name

Origin: Hindu

Name Meaning: Compound name derived from the Sanskrit raja (king) and Tsa (ruler): hence, the king is ruler, king of kings..

The compound name is analysed as 'Raja(on) ka Ishwar', which would mean God of Kings (rather than King of Kings). The Name denotes the Lord Siva (Sambhu)

Notable individuals:

  • Rajesh Chandra, Fijian academic of Indian descent
  • Rajesh Chauhan, former Indian cricketer
  • Rajesh Hamal, Nepali actor
  • Rajesh Khanna, Indian actor and politician
  • Rajesh Koothrappali, fictional character on The Big Bang Theory
  • Rajesh Kumar, Indian novelist
  • Rajesh Kumar, Indian television actor
  • Rajesh Kumar Manjhi, Indian Rashtriya Janata Dal politician
  • Rajesh Kumar Mishra, Indian politician
  • Rajesh Pilot, Indian politician of the Congress party
  • Rajesh Roshan, Bollywood music composer
  • Rajesh Singh, Fijian Politician of Indian descent
  • Rajesh Touchriver, film director
  • Rajesh Vedprakash, voice artist