Radio Televizioni Shqiptar

Radio Televizioni Shqiptar (RTSH) (English: Albanian Radio and Television) is the public broadcaster of Albania, founded in 1938 in Tirana.

RTSH runs three television stations called Televizioni Shqiptar, two digital television stations, and three radio stations using the name Radio Tirana. In addition, four regional radio stations serve regionally. The international radio service broadcasts radio programmes in Albanian and seven other languages via medium wave (AM) and short wave (SW). and uses the theme from the song "Keputa një gjethe dafine" as its signature tune. The international television service via satellite was launched since 1993 and aims at Albanian communities in Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and northern Greece, plus the Albanian diaspora in the rest of Europe. Since 1999, RTSH has been a member of the European Broadcasting Union.

RTSH is the official organizer of the Albanian Song Festival Festivali i Kenges, the winner of which represents Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest. RTSH is funded by a combination of commercial advertising, a licence fee of US$12.00 and grant-in-aid from the Albanian government.

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