Quick Chek

Quick Chek is a privately owned, Whitehouse, New Jersey based chain of convenience stores with 121 stores in New Jersey and New York. The first store opened in Dunellen, New Jersey in 1967, and has since then grown into a chain. Several stores include pharmacies, gas stations, and liquor departments

The size of the stores range from smaller corner-type shops to larger convenience stores. Many stores are located in urban areas and most are open 24 hours a day. Stores with pharmacies tend to offer a pharmacy-like selection of health products and aids.

Quick Chek stores typically offer basic groceries such as bread, milk, and fresh convenience fruit, as well as soft drinks, bottled water, and a wide selection of snack foods. They also serve coffee, ICEEs, and sub sandwiches. Some stores also serve milkshakes and frozen cappuccinos. Like most convenience stores, Quick Chek sells cigarettes and other tobacco products, along with lottery tickets.

The stores sell sub sandwiches and a variety of ciabatta sandwiches, wraps, breakfast sandwiches, salads, hamburgers, and weekender (24-inch) subs. Along with subs, various soups and chili are served. The deli also serves as an area for cold-cuts. The only way to place an order is by entering the order directly into a computer system, which sits in front of the deli counter.

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