PureVolume.com is a website for the discovery and promotion of new music and emerging artists. It was the first independently run website of its type, allowing for the upload and streaming of music files. PureVolume was created by Unborn Media Inc (Brett Woitunski, Nathan Hudson, Mitchell Pavao) in Dec 2003.

PureVolume's mission is to give artists a platform to promote their music. Each artist has a profile that typically contains basic info, updates, photos, shows and music for streaming. Artists have the option of making each of their songs available for free download. Listeners and fans can also create profiles to interact with artists and each other, as well as track and share music they like.

The focus is on promoting "indie" music groups and artists, meaning those who are not in the mainstream, although it has also seen the rise of many of the previously "indie" bands they were promoting. PureVolume was acquired by pop-culture media conglomerate BuzzMedia in February 2010.