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Significant Pulsars

Pulsars within 300 pc
PSRJ Distance
J0030+0451 244 7,580
0108−1431 238 166
0437−4715 156 1,590
0633+1746 156 0.342
0659+1414 290 0.111
0835−4510 290 0.0113
0453+0755 260 17.5
1045−4509 300 6,710
1741−2054 250 0.387
1856−3754 161 3.76
2144−3933 165 272
  • The first radio pulsar CP 1919 (now known as PSR 1919+21), with a pulse period of 1.337 seconds and a pulse width of 0.04 second, was discovered in 1967. A drawing of this pulsar's radio waves was used as the cover of British post-punk band Joy Division's debut album, Unknown Pleasures.
  • The first binary pulsar, PSR 1913+16, whose orbit is decaying at the exact rate predicted due to the emission of gravitational radiation by general relativity
  • The first millisecond pulsar, PSR B1937+21
  • The brightest millisecond pulsar, PSR J0437-4715
  • The first X-ray pulsar, Cen X-3
  • The first accreting millisecond X-ray pulsar, SAX J1808.4-3658
  • The first pulsar with planets, PSR B1257+12
  • The first double pulsar binary system, PSR J0737−3039
  • The longest period pulsar, PSR J2144-3933
  • The most stable pulsar in period, PSR J0437-4715
  • The magnetar SGR 1806-20 produced the largest burst of power in the Galaxy ever experimentally recorded on 27 December 2004
  • PSR B1931+24 "... appears as a normal pulsar for about a week and then 'switches off' for about one month before emitting pulses again. this pulsar slows down more rapidly when the pulsar is on than when it is off. braking mechanism must be related to the radio emission and the processes creating it and the additional slow-down can be explained by the pulsar wind leaving the pulsar's magnetosphere and carrying away rotational energy."
  • PSR J1748-2446ad, at 716 Hz, the pulsar with the highest rotation speed.
  • PSR J1903+0327, a ~2.15 ms pulsar discovered to be in a highly eccentric binary star system with a sun-like star.
  • A pulsar in the CTA 1 supernova remnant (4U 0000+72, in Cassiopeia) was found by the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope to emit pulsations only in gamma ray radiation, the first recorded of its kind.
  • PSR J2007+2722, a 40.8-hertz 'recycled' isolated pulsar was the first pulsar found by volunteers on data taken in February 2007 and analyzed by distributed computing project Einstein@Home.
  • Geminga and PSR J0108-1431 are among the closest known pulsars to Earth
  • PSR J1311–3430, the first millisecond pulsar discovered via gamma-ray pulsations and part of a binary system with the shortest orbital period.

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