Provinces of The Democratic Republic of The Congo

Provinces Of The Democratic Republic Of The Congo

In July 1960, there were six provinces in the Belgian Congo: Leopoldville Province, Equateur Province, Province Orientale, Kivu Province, Katanga Province, and Kasai Province. Kivu Province existed from 1933 to 1962 (under the name Province de Costermansville until 1947, from the name of its capital) and from 1966 to 1988.

There are currently ten provinces and one city-province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo:

Map# Province Capital
1. Bandundu Bandundu
2. Bas-Congo Matadi
3. Équateur Mbandaka
4. Kasai-Occidental Kananga
5. Kasai-Oriental Mbuji-Mayi
6. Katanga Lubumbashi
7. Kinshasa (city-province) Kinshasa
8. Maniema Kindu
9. Nord-Kivu Goma
10. Orientale * Kisangani
11. Sud-Kivu Bukavu

* An Ituri Interim Administration also exists in the Ituri region of Orientale province

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