Providence St. Mel School - The Providence-St. Mel Mission Statement

The Providence-St. Mel Mission Statement

At Providence-St. Mel, we believe. We believe in the creation of inspired lives produced by the miracle of hard work. We are not frightened by the challenges of reality, but believe that we can change our conception of this world and our place within it. So we work, plan, build and dream - in that order. We believe that one must earn the right to dream. Our talent, discipline and integrity will be our contribution to a new world, because we believe that we can take this place, this time and this people and make a better place, a better time and a better people. With God's help we will either find a way or make one!


  • 1969 - Providence High School (run by the Sisters of Providence) and St. Mel High School (run by the Christian Brothers) merge to form Providence-St. Mel.
  • 1971 - Paul Adams joins Providence-St. Mel as Director of Guidance.
  • 1972 - Paul Adams named principal of Providence-St. Mel.
  • 1974 - Archdiocese threatens to close the school. With increased community support, imminent closure is averted.
  • 1978 - Archdiocese withdraws its support of Providence-St. Mel. On July 1, 1978 the day after the Archdiocese lease of the building expires, Principal Paul Adams announces that Providence-St. Mel will reopen in the fall as a private independent school.
  • 1982 - President Reagan visits Providence-St. Mel (and again in 1983) and serves as Honorary Chairman of the board of trustees.
  • 1983 - Recognizing the need to reach students earlier, Providence-St. Mel adds a middle school.
  • 1984 - Coleman Foundation donates its first $1,000,000 to Providence-St. Mel.
  • 1987 - Fifth and sixth grades added.
  • 1990 - Summer Opportunity of a Lifetime (SOAL) launched. Tom Dittmer Founder.
  • 1993 - First through fourth grades added. Oprah Winfrey donates $1,000,000 to Providence-St. Mel.
  • 1994 - Third Semester (summer) program initiated, preparing students for the academic rigors that await them in the Fall.
  • 1996 - School becomes fully networked for computers and opens three computer labs.
  • 1998 - Providence-St. Mel evaluates and aligns curriculum to national and state standards. Test scores increase school-wide eight percentage points.
  • 1999 - Test scores increase school-wide an additional six percentage points.
  • 2000 - Coleman Foundation cornerstone dedicated in recognition of its early support and new $2,000,000 challenge grant. Kindergarten added.

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