Professional Golfers' Association (Great Britain and Ireland)

Professional Golfers' Association (Great Britain And Ireland)

The Professional Golfers' Association is the professional body which represents the interests of teaching and club golf professionals in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is just one of many PGAs around the world, but like British organisations in several other sports, it has no territorial designation in its name because it was the first in the world to be founded.

The Professional Golfers' Association was established in 1901. For many years it was a combined organisation for club professionals and tournament professionals, but when the two branches of the golfing profession diverged due to the increasing financial rewards available to leading tournament golfers, it split in two. A separate Tournament Division with its headquarters at Wentworth Club was established in the 1970s, and in 1984 this became the independent PGA European Tour.

The Association is based at The Belfry near Birmingham, England and has a membership of over 7,500 professionals with 1,500 working overseas in more than 70 countries worldwide. Its activities include the training of assistant professionals and the continuing education of members; the organisation of golf tournaments, including tournaments for its members such as the PGA Cup contested between Great Britain & Ireland and the PGA of America and also the Ryder Cup; the promotion of pro-am golf tournaments and amateur golf, which provide work for its members; and the promotion of junior golf. The PGA, on behalf of the sport of golf, also leads on the development of coach education and training. A full review of the existing coach education structure, following guidance from the quality standards of the UK Coaching Certificate, has led to the establishment of a new, coach-centered education system that meets the needs of coaches and, ultimately, players.

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