Poulter is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Arthur Poulter, a British Victoria Cross recipient
  • Ian Poulter, a British golfer
  • Marlene Clark Poulter, an American television soap opera writer
  • Paul Poulter, a British Pickup Truck Racing driver
  • Ray Poulter, an Australian rules football player
  • Sebastian Poulter, a British legal scholar
  • Stephen Poulter (born 1956), former English cricketer
  • Thomas Poulter, an American Antarctic explorer
  • William Poulter, a British child actor

Poulter may also refer to:

  • River Poulter, a tributary river of the River Idle in Nottinghamshire
  • Poulter (officer), an officer in a medieval household responsible for poultry
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