Pope Pius

There have been 12 Popes who were named Pius:

  • Pope Pius I (c. 140–154, but Vatican lists 142/146 – 157/161)
  • Pope Pius II (1458–1464)
  • Pope Pius III (1503–1503)
  • Pope Pius IV (1559–1565)
  • Pope Pius V (1566–1572)
  • Pope Pius VI (1775–1799)
  • Pope Pius VII (1800–1823)
  • Pope Pius VIII (1829–1830)
  • Pope Pius IX (1846–1878)
  • Pope Pius X (1903–1914)
  • Pope Pius XI (1922–1939)
  • Pope Pius XII (1939–1958)
  • There was also an Antipope Pius XIII who led the tiny breakaway True Catholic Church sect.
  • In the Babylon 5 science fiction saga, Pius XV is a fictional early 22nd Century Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Pius XV was featured in the novel Dark Genesis.
  • Angels & Demons by Dan Brown opens with the death of Pope Pius XVI, which triggers the following action.

Famous quotes containing the words pope and/or pius:

    A little learning is a dang’rous thing;
    Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring:
    There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
    And drinking largely sobers us again.
    —Alexander Pope (1688–1744)

    It is an error to believe that the Roman Pontiff can and ought to reconcile himself to, and agree with, progress, liberalism, and contemporary civilization.
    —Pope Pius IX (1792–1878)