Polish Figure Skating Championships

The Polish Figure Skating Championships (Polish: Mistrzostwa Polski w łyżwiarstwie figurowym) are a figure skating competition held annually to determine the national medalists of Poland. The event has been held annually since 1922. Medals are awarded in the disciplines of men's singles (since 1922), ladies' singles (since 1930), pair skating (since 1922), ice dancing (since 1956), and synchronized skating. Due to the Partitions of Poland between 1772 and 1918, some skaters of Polish origin may have competed in the Austrian, German, or Russian Nationals. Since 2009, Poland and its two southern neighbors, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, organize their national championships together. The location of the Three Nationals alternates between the three countries. The results in each discipline are separated according to nationality to form each country's national standings.

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