Platoon - Georgian Organization

Georgian Organization

The Georgian Armed Forces equivalent of the platoon is the so-called Ozeuli. Translated it means "Group of 20" but has no more connection whatsoever with the number. It has been transferred into modern usage from medieval army reforms of the Georgian king David the Builder. Originally it was meant to be a small detachment of exactly 20 men to be lead by a leader of corresponding rank. Almost all smaller formations are based on the designations of those reforms, which originally suggested tactical flexibility by keeping the size of small units in whole numbers (10,20,100). Battalions and brigades were not affected by that system. It is unknown whether that usage was abandoned in the late 20s of the 19th century or earlier, but in present days a Georgian platoon still called "Ozeuili" has a similar size to that of other armies. Normally for infantry it are 32 men but can vary depending on type of unit.

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