Pitman may refer to:

  • Pitman, New Jersey
  • Pitman, Pennsylvania
  • Pitman, Saskatchewan
  • Pitman Shorthand, a system of shorthand
  • Pitman arm, a vehicle steering component
  • A connecting rod in an engine
  • Pitman (video game), a videogame for the Game Boy

as a surname:

  • Benjamin Pitman, promoter of Pitman's shorthand in the United States
  • Benjamin Pitman (Hawaii), New England and Hawaiian businessman
  • Chris Pitman, synthist for the U.S. band Guns N' Roses
  • Andrew Pitman, Australian climate scientist
  • Brett Pitman, a professional footballer currently playing for Bristol City FC
  • E.J.G. Pitman, a statistician noted for the Pitman-Koopman-Darmois theorem concerning exponential families of probability distributions
  • Frederick Pitman, British Olympic rower
  • Frederick I Pitman, British rower and Boat Race umpire (father of Frederick)
  • Herbert Pitman, third officer on the RMS Titanic
  • Isaac Pitman, inventor of Pitman Shorthand
  • James Pitman, inventor of the Initial Teaching Alphabet
  • Jenny Pitman, British racehorse trainer and author
  • Kent Pitman, Lisp expert
  • Marie J. Davis Pitman (pen name Margery Deane), United States author of the 19th century (see "Pitman, Marie J.". Appletons' Cyclop√¶dia of American Biography. 1900.)
  • MC Pitman, an East Midlands English rapper
  • Robert Carter Pitman, 19th century Massachusetts legislator and author
  • Walter Pitman, an educator and former politician in Ontario, Canada
  • Walter C. Pitman, III, a geophysicist and a professor emeritus at Columbia University