A pillow is a large cushion support for the head or other parts of the body, usually used while sleeping in a bed, or for the body as used on a couch or chair.

There are also throw pillows (also called toss pillows), which are pillows that are purely decorative and not designed for support or comfort. A cushion is a soft bag filled with air or padding like feathers or foam rubber. In the United Kingdom, these types of pillows are called a cushion, with the word pillow used for pillows on a bed. In Spanish, a pillow is called almohada.

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Famous quotes containing the word pillow:

    Can snore upon the flint, when resty sloth
    Finds the down pillow hard.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    With the half of a broken hope for a pillow at night
    That somehow the right is the right
    And the smooth shall bloom from the rough:
    Lord, if that were enough?
    Robert Louis Stevenson (1850–1894)

    One turf shall serve as pillow for us both;
    One heart, one bed, two bosoms, and one troth.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)