Phoenix - Ships


  • Phoenix (Alaska), the first ship built in Russian America
  • Phoenix (boat), a steamboat built 1806-1807
  • Phoenix (East Indiaman), a ship of the British East India Company, involved in the sea otter trade
  • Phoenix (fireboat), operating in San Francisco, California
  • Phoenix (hulk), a frigate that was damaged in 1824 and turned into a prison hulk in Sydney
  • Phoenix (of London), a whaling ship
  • Phoenix (tall ship), a Danish ship built in 1929
  • Phoenix (whaler), a Nantucket whaling vessel in operation 1821–1858
  • USCS Phoenix, a U.S. Coast Survey ship in service from 1845 to 1858
  • Phoenix, a ship involved in the Siege of Derry
  • HMS Phoenix, the name of several Royal Navy ships
  • USS Phoenix, the name of several U.S. Navy ships

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