Phoenix - Astronomy and Space Exploration

Astronomy and Space Exploration

  • EADS Phoenix, a prototype launch vehicle
  • Phoenix Cluster, a galaxy cluster
  • Phoenix (constellation)
    • Phoenix (Chinese astronomy)
  • Phoenix Dwarf, a galaxy
  • Phoenix (spacecraft), a NASA mission to Mars
  • Project Phoenix (SETI), a search for extraterrestrial intelligence

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Famous quotes containing the words astronomy, space and/or exploration:

    Awareness of the stars and their light pervades the Koran, which reflects the brightness of the heavenly bodies in many verses. The blossoming of mathematics and astronomy was a natural consequence of this awareness. Understanding the cosmos and the movements of the stars means understanding the marvels created by Allah. There would be no persecuted Galileo in Islam, because Islam, unlike Christianity, did not force people to believe in a “fixed” heaven.
    Fatima Mernissi, Moroccan sociologist. Islam and Democracy, ch. 9, Addison-Wesley Publishing Co. (Trans. 1992)

    And Space with gaunt grey eyes and her brother Time
    Wheeling and whispering come,
    James Elroy Flecker (1884–1919)

    I call her old. She has one family
    Whose claim is good to being settled here
    Before the era of colonization,
    And before that of exploration even.
    John Smith remarked them as he coasted by....
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)