Philippa is a given name meaning "lover of horses" or "horses' friend". Common alternative spellings include Filippa, Phillipa and, less often, Philippa or Filipa. It is the feminine form of the masculine name Philip. It is composed of the Greek elements philein (to love) and hippos (horse), and is derived from the name of Alexander the Great's father, the ancient Greek king, Philip II of Macedon (aka Philippos, Filippos, and Pilipos), who was an avid horse lover. The name is commonly shortened to the nicknames Pippa, Pippy, and Pip. Notable people with the name Philippa include:

  • Saint Philippa, 3rd century martyr and saint
  • Philippa Boyens, New Zealand screenwriter
  • Philippa Fawcett, English mathematician
  • Philippa Foot, British philosopher
  • Philippa Forrester, British television presenter and producer
  • Philippa Gregory, British novelist
  • Philippa of Hainault, queen consort of Edward III of England
  • Philippa Plantagenet, granddaughter of Edward III of England
  • Philippa Schuyler, American child prodigy and pianist
  • Philippa Pearce, English children's author
  • Philippa of Lancaster, English princess, consort queen of Portugal
  • Philippa of Coimbra, Portuguese person
  • Pippa Mann, Izod Indycar Series driver
  • Philippa Middleton, English - Sister of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.