Philip - Other Rulers and Royalty

Other Rulers and Royalty

  • Philip of Courtenay, titular Latin Emperor of Constantinople
  • Philip of Swabia, King of Germany and Duke of Swabia
  • Philip of Milly, seventh Grand Master of the Knights Templar
  • Philip I, Count of Flanders
  • Philip of Artois (1269–1298), heir to the countship
  • Philip of Artois, Count of Eu
  • Philip I, Prince of Taranto
  • Philip II, Prince of Taranto
  • Philip II, Count of Auvergne
  • Philip of Poitou, Prince-Bishop of Durham
  • Philip Simonsson, claimant to the throne of Norway
  • Philip, Duke of Brabant (disambiguation)
  • Philip, Prince of Anhalt-Köthen
  • Philip, Duke of Parma
  • Philip I, Landgrave of Hesse
  • Prince Philippe, Count of Flanders, father to Albert I of Belgium
  • Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, prince consort of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom
  • Prince Philippe, Duke of Brabant, heir to the throne of Belgium
  • Phillip, Prince of Asturias, heir to the throne of Spain
  • Philip, Prince of Eulenburg, Prussian diplomat
  • Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (born Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark)
  • Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland, Swedish prince
  • Prince Charles Philip, Duke of Södermanland, Swedish prince
  • Pylyp Orlyk, Hetman of Ukraine
  • Metacomet, nicknamed "King Philip", war leader of the Wampanoag in "King Philip's War"

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Famous quotes containing the words rulers and/or royalty:

    They lived under a just and moderate government, and they admitted that one bond of their fidelity was that their rulers were the better men.
    Titus Livius (Livy)

    If there be no nobility of descent in a nation, all the more indispensable is it that there should be nobility of ascent—a character in them that bear rule, so fine and high and pure, that as men come within the circle of its influence, they involuntarily pay homage to that which is the one pre-eminent distinction, the Royalty of Virtue.
    Henry Codman Potter (1835–1908)