Philip Howard

Philip Howard may refer to:

  • Philip Howard, 20th Earl of Arundel, Saint Philip Howard, (1557–1595)
  • Philip Howard (1629–1717), English army officer and Member of Parliament
  • Philip Howard (British Army officer) (c. 1631–1686), English army officer and Member of Parliament for Carlisle and Malton
  • Philip Howard (1669–1711), English Member of Parliament for Morpeth and Carlisle
  • Philip Howard (Cardinal) (1629–1694), English Roman Catholic Cardinal
  • Philip Howard (Fantasy Sports Champion) (born 1982), British fantasy sports manager
  • Philip Howard (pianist) (born 1976), British pianist and composer
  • Philip Howard (preacher) (born 1954), London Street Preacher
  • Philip Howard (Whig politician) (1801–1883), Member of Parliament for Carlisle
  • Philip K. Howard, American author and lawyer
  • Philip N. Howard, Canadian American sociologist and professor of communication at the University of Washington's Department of Communication
  • Phil Howard, Australian jazz drummer
  • Philip Howard (journalist), writer for The Times, usually on linguistic or leisure-related subjects

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