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In 1996 a PCC alumnus started an electronic newsletter entitled The Student Voice. This newsletter voiced opposition to various rules and policies of the college. During this time The Student Voice also bought out advertising space on a large billboard adjacent to the campus of PCC to advertise its website. Dr. Arlin Horton and the administration of PCC responded to the newsletter's first issue with a speech in the campus chapel, calling the newsletter "an attack from Satan", reminding students that when they registered for enrollment at PCC they agreed to follow all rules and regulations of the college, that they were not forced to attend the school, and that anyone involved with the newsletter would be subject to expulsion. The following semester PCC banned all devices which would allow an individual to connect a personal computer to the Internet.The Student Voice released new issues regularly for two years and continued to release their newsletter irregularly through their website until 2003. According to former students, The Student Voice was not the sole reason for loss of Internet access at PCC. These former students have stated that the same year a ring of students were intercepted while involved in surfing Internet pornography. Internet access on the campus of PCC was severely limited until the summer of 2004 when a new filtered wireless Internet service run by the college became available to all students on campus.

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