Pecados Ajenos - Cast


Main Cast in Order of Appearance

Actor Character Description
Lorena Rojas Natalia Ruiz protagonist, in love with Adrian, mother of Luis and Gloria, ex-wife of Rogelio, former daughter-in-law of Ágata, best friend of Monica, killed by Ines in the series finale
Mauricio Islas Adrián Torres protagonist, in love with Natalia, father of Freddy, ex-husband of Elena
Catherine Siachoque Inés Vallejo major antagonist, "frienemy" of Natalia, accomplice (and later rival) of Ágata, supposed mother of Charlie (actually his aunt), sister of Karen, lover of Manuel, wife of Rogelio, ex-girlfriend of Gary, lover of Freddy, lover of Tina, records a video of Ágata killing Manuel (major plot point), kills Natalia in the series finale, only villain to survive in the series finale
Sonya Smith Elena Sandoval major antagonist, ex-wife of Adrián, wife of Rogelio, lover of Anselmo, mother of Denisse and Freddy, daughter of Raquel, suffers from multiple personality disorder and schizophrenia - hallucinates she can talk to God and Satan and that both order her to murder Natalia, commits suicide in series finale in an attempt to kill both Natalia and herself
Ariel López Padilla Rogelio Mercenario major antagonist, ex-husband of Natalia, new husband of Elena, father of Luis, Gloria, and Denisse, son of Ágata, is an alcoholic, is incredibly violent, has a love/hate relationship with his mother and takes out his anger for her by drinking and beating women, dies of cirrhosis due to excessive drinking in the series finale
Sebastián Ligarde Manuel major antagonist, accomplice of Ágata and Inés, lover of Ágata, rapes Natalia in pilot episode, is killed by Ágata halfway through the story (the identity of his killer becomes a major plot point)
Lupita Ferrer Ágata Mercenario most major antagonist and principal villain, mother of Rogelio, lover of Manuel, CEO of Complexx Inc., grandmother of Luis, Gloria, and Denisse, kills Benito for getting her niece into prostitution, kills Manuel and blames Natalia, kills a gay man and blames her gay nephew to frighten Natalia, goes to jail in the final season and is given the death sentence, dies via lethal injection in the series finale
Daniel Lugo Marcelo Mercenario Ágata's ex-husband & Rogelio's father, minor antagonist
Maritza Rodríguez Karen Vallejo Inés's sister, real mother of Charlie, becomes Javier's girlfriend in the final season
Héctor Soberón Gary Mendoza friend of Adrián, husband of Inés, killed by Inés
Alicia Plaza Mónica Rojas best friend of Natalia, in love with Saúl, she and Saúl provide comedic relief
Carlos Camacho Saúl Farrera best friend and business partner of Adrián, Rossy's husband, he and Mónica provide comedic relief
Chela Arias Raquel Sandoval mother of Elena
Raúl Izaguirre Eduardo Larios father of Ricardo, husband of Marisela, lawyer, falls in love with Laura, dies in car accident caused by Elena and Ágata
Evelin Santos Gasparina Godoy police inspector, not fond of Ágata
Mildred Quiroz Laura Aguilar wife of Anselmo, mother of María, in love with Eduardo, abused and raped by Anselmo, kills Anselmo and flees with Maria and Lolita to Mexico
Roberto Huicochea Anselmo Aguilar husband of Laura, father of María, major antagonist, rapes and beats Laura, lover of Marisela, lover of Elena, is killed by Laura when she can no longer put up with his abuse and violence
Hannah Zea Rossy Sandoval Mónica's and Antonio's daughter, wife of Saul
Andrés García Jr. Javier Alfaro Elsa's father, lawyer, in love with Karen
Arianna Coltellacci Chabela nosy friend of Mónica and Natalia, ex-lover of Benito
Mayte Vilán Marisela Bracamontes mother of Ricardo, co-worker of Adrian, ex-wife of Eduardo, lover of Anselmo
Adela Romero Melinda (ex-)housekeeper in Ágata's house, mother of Ramón, ex-wife of Benito
Nury Flores Lolita housekeeper in Anselmo's house, helps Laura get rid of Anselmo's corpse, flees with Laura and Maria to Mexico
Raúl Durán Benito Alejo Gamboa Moctesuma ex-husband of Melinda, father of Ramón, ex-lover of Chabela, runs a prostitution house, is killed by Ágata for getting Gloria into prostitution
Mariana Torres Denisse Torres supposed daughter of Adrián and Elena (actually daughter of Rogelio and Elena), girlfriend (and, briefly, wife) of Ricardo at the beginning of the telenovela, in love with Charlie
Sofía Stamatiades Gloria Mercenario daughter of Natalia and Rogelio, becomes a prostitute after running away from home, in love with Charlie but told by Ágata and Inés they are brother and sister, later in love with Freddy
Jencarlos Canela Alfredo "Freddy" Torres son of Adrián and Elena, boyfriend of Maria, falls in love with Gloria after Maria and her mother flee, lover of Inés, has the video that shows Ágata killing Manuel (major plot point)
Alonso Espeleta Luís Mercenario gay son of Natalia and Rogelio, in love with Hector
Pablo Portillo Héctor Acecas closeted gay, boyfriend of Luís, betrays Luis and Natalia to Ágata so Ágata won't tell his parents and classmates he is gay
Roberto Plantier Charlie Vallejo supposed son of Inés (actually son of Karen), in love with Gloria but convinced she is his sister, later in love with Denisse
Eduardo Cuervo Ricardo "Ricky" Larios boyfriend/ex-husband of Denisse, Elsa's husband, sex addict
Ximena Duque María Aguilar daughter of Anselmo and Laura, in love with Freddy, flees with her mother and Lolita to Mexico after Laura kills her father
Julio Ocampo Ramón Gamboa son of Melinda and Benito, villain, later good
Giovanna del Portillo Daniela Luis and Hector's classmate, In love with Luís "
Tali Duclaud Elsa Alfaro friend of Gloria, daughter of Javier, Ricky's wife, prostitute

Secondary Cast in Order of Appearance

Actor Character Known as
Natalie Correa Lucia
Rudy Pavón Jaime Ricardo's friend
Daniela Vildosola Angelica Acecas Héctor's mother
Ramiro Terán Fernando Acecas Héctor's father
Claudia Arroyave Nidia (ex-)secretary in Adrián's company, villain
Carlos Farach Roberto assistant in Rogelio's company
Julio Arredondo Dr. Martínez Elena's doctor
Eric Santa Luís's and Héctor's classmate
Lorenzo Gómez Luís's and Héctor's classmate
Fabio Melanito Luís's and Héctor's classmate
Daniel René Tony Luís's and Héctor's classmate
Enrique Herrera Horacio Anselmo's lawyer
Rodolfo Castera police officer
Ivee Colón Teresa Ramón's girlfriend
Lorenzo Duarte Luis's and Hector's classmate
Carlos Garin Norberto Anselmo's doctor, his accomplice
Andrés Mistage Jeremy
Nelson Steegers Danny Friend of Diego and Charlie
Cristina Figarola Lisa Fuentes
Iván Hernández Elena's detective
Luís Rivas Diego Charlie's best friend
Carlos Pítela Padre Julián Natalia's Priest
Jorge Hernández Lawyer of Inés
Xavier Coronel Marcos Reyes Mónica's ex-boyfriend
Giselle Duque Doris workwoman in Polo's club, friend of Inés
Ramón Morell Dr. Solovich Ágata's lawyer
Katherine Fuenmayor Jenny
Cristian Carabias Tito Mónica's young ex-boyfriend
José del Río Mr. Moore Director of "Polo" club
Ivan Rodriguez Naranjo Dr. Beltrán Ágata's accomplice doctor
Guadalupe Hernández Esteban Friend of Anselmo
Jorge Laraburre Johny
Steve Roth Antonio Sandoval Monica's ex-husband, father of Rossie and Elena
Alejandro Orendain Dr. Dorantes Gary's lawyer
Salim Rubiales Alejandro Rossy's (ex-)husband, villain
Marcos Miranda Jimenez Lawyer of Inés
Luis Celeiro Velázquez
Alexandro Danko Oscar
Nelson Tallaferro Pedro police officer
Esteban Villareal Dr. Salvatierra Adrain's lawyer
Sandra Eichler Tina prison guard, Inés's lesbian lover, villain
Diana López Henao Dalia prisoner, Tina's Acomplice
Riczabeth Sobalvarro Dora Natalia's and Ines's jailmate, villain
Diana Franco Lola Natalia's jailmate and friend
Gabriel Traversari Rolando Ortega Hector's boss and lover
Jaime Pavón Luciano Melendez Agata's man, villain
Nelsón Díaz Eleazar Aguilar Anselmo's brother
Juan Jiménez Maximiliano Aranda Luis's new lover by Agata, villain
Alcira Gil Amanda Alejandro's mother, villain
Leandro Fernández Prisoner
Geovanni Gopradi Artuto Gloria's Lover
Estella Maris Ortiz
Verónica Doza
Andrés Mejia
Rafael Caraballo
Urania Ganas
Isaniel Rojas
Duvier Puviones
Oscar Jaramillo
Eduardo Prado
José Segmini
Diego Andaluza
Carlos Xavier Bello
Claudia González
José Luís Tovar
Alejandra Ochoa
Carlos Tinoco
Frank Guzmán
Guillermo Clepch
Fernando Pelegrín
Liliana Dodge
Luís Sosa
Tessy Castilla
Gerardo Mendicoa
David Hass

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