Pavel Belyayev - Legacy


Belyayev has been commemorated with other prominent figures from the early Russian space program with a bust on Cosmonauts Alley in Moscow. Pavel Belyayev was awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union (March 23, 1965), Order of Lenin, Order of the Red Star, numerous medals and foreign orders. He also bore the title of the Hero of Socialist Labor of Bulgaria, Hero of Vietnam, and Hero of Mongolia.

Accounts of Belyayev's life and space career appear in the 2003 book "Fallen Astronauts" and the 2007 book Into That Silent Sea, both by Colin Burgess. Belyayev is also used as a character in Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens 2005 novel, Freefall, in which he is the first person to land on the moon, hours before Apollo 11.

Pavel Belyayev appeared on various stamps. In 1965, he appeared on stamps from the Soviet Union, Cuba, Bulgaria, East Germany, and Hungary. In 1966, he appeared on stamps from Bulgaria, Mali, and Mauritania.

A minor planet 2030 Belyaev discovered in 1969 by Soviet astronomer Lyudmila Chernykh is named after him.

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