Belyayev (masculine) or Belyayeva (feminine) is a popular Russian surname which may refer to:

  • Aleksandr Belyaev, Russian author of science fiction
  • Alexander Belyayev (decembrist), member of the Decembrist movement
  • Anatoly Belyayev, Soviet scientist in the field of metallurgy
  • Dmitry Belyayev (disambiguation), several people
  • Evgeny Belyaev, Soviet tenor soloist with the Alexandrov Ensemble
  • Ivan Belyayev (disambiguation), several people
  • Mikhail Belyayev, Russian statesman, military figure, and infantry general
  • Mitrofan Belyayev, Russian entrepreneur and music publisher
  • Nikolay Ilyich Belyaev (1903-1966), Soviet Communist Party leader
  • Nikolay Belyayev (scientist), Soviet scientist in the field durability theory
  • Nikolay Belyayev (metallurgist), Russian metallurgist
  • Pavel Belyayev, Russian cosmonaut
  • Sergey Belyayev, Kazakhstani shooter
  • Sergey Mikhaylovich Belyayev (1883-1953), Russian writer
  • Spartak Belyayev, Soviet physicist and academician
  • Vasily Belyayev, Soviet cinematographer and film director
  • Viktor Belyayev, Soviet musicologist
  • Vladimir Belyayev (botanist), Russian botanist
  • Vladimir Belyayev (volleyball), Soviet Olympic gold medalist in volleyball in 1968
  • Vladimir Belyayev (weightlifting), Soviet Olympic silver medalist in weightlifting in 1968
  • Vladimir Georgiyevich Belyayev, Soviet international footballer
  • Vladimir Nikolaevich Beliaev, minister of information and telecommunications of Transnistria
  • Vladimir Pavlovich Belyayev, Soviet/Ukrainian writer
  • Yevgeny Belyayev, Soviet/Russian skier
  • Yevgeny Belyayev (historian), Soviet historian
  • Yury Belyayev (b. 1947), Russian actor
  • Belyaev (crater), a lunar crater
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