Paula or PAULA may refer to:

  • Paula (given name), a common female given name
  • Paula, the sound chip of the Commodore Amiga computer
  • Paula Red (apple), variety of apple descended from the McIntosh
  • Paula (novel), 1995 novel
  • "Paula" (song), 2006 single by Mexican alternative rock band ZoĆ©
  • "Ana Paula (Viaje al 113)", 2007 instrumental song by Mexican surrealist band Porter from their album Atemahawke
  • Paula Polestar, a lead character in the SNES videogame, EarthBound
  • Saint Paula, an early Christian pilgrim and associate of Saint Jerome
  • Possession of Alcohol Under the Legal Age, otherwise known as Minor in Possession
  • Private authentication layer: see Distributed Component Object Model

Famous quotes containing the word paula:

    When I develop my recipes I always look for ways to create what I call the Big Taste. While I enjoy eating simple grilled foods, what interests me when I cook are dishes with a taste that is fully dimensional.
    Paula Wolfert, U.S. cookbook writer. Paula Wolfert’s World of Food, Introduction, Harper and Row (1988)