Patrick Campbell

Patrick Campbell may refer to:

  • Patrick Campbell (Royal Navy officer), (1773–1841), Royal Navy officer
  • Patrick Campbell (British Army officer) (1779–1857), Major General, British agent and Consul General in Egypt
  • Mrs Patrick Campbell (1865–1940), British stage actress
  • Patrick Campbell, 3rd Baron Glenavy (1913–1980), Irish-born British journalist, humorist and television personality
  • Patrick J. Campbell (1918–1998), American labor leader
  • Patrick Campbell (INLA member) (1977–1999), volunteer in the Irish National Liberation Army who was murdered by drug-dealers

Famous quotes containing the words patrick campbell, patrick and/or campbell:

    From my earliest days I have enjoyed an attractive impediment in my speech. I have never permitted the use of the word “stammer.” I can’t say it myself.
    Patrick Campbell (1913–1980)

    The loosening, for some people, of rigid role definitions for men and women has shown that dads can be great at calming babies—if they take the time and make the effort to learn how. It’s that time and effort that not only teaches the dad how to calm the babies, but also turns him into a parent, just as the time and effort the mother puts into the babies turns her into a parent.
    —Pamela Patrick Novotny (20th century)

    To be made to hold his tongue is the greatest insult you can offer him—though he might be ready with a poker to make you hold yours.
    —Mrs. Patrick Campbell (1865–1940)