Pass - People


  • Frank Alexander de Pass, English soldier, first Jewish recipient of the Victoria Cross in World War I
  • Joe Pass (1929–1994), jazz musician
  • John Pass (born 1947), British-born Canadian poet
  • Nelson Pass (born 1951), designer of audio amplifiers
  • Patrick Pass (born 1977), American football player

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Famous quotes containing the word people:

    It may have been observed that there is no regular path for getting out of love as there is for getting in. Some people look upon marriage as a short cut that way, but it has been known to fail.
    Thomas Hardy (1840–1928)

    ... people will sometimes say, “Why don’t you write more politics?” And I have to explain to them that writing the lives of women is politics.
    Grace Paley (b. 1922)

    Art is a concrete and personal and rather childish thing after all—no matter what people do to graft it into science and make it sociological and psychological; it is no good at all unless it is let alone to be itself—a game of make-believe, or re-production, very exciting and delightful to people who have an ear for it or an eye for it.
    Willa Cather (1873–1947)