The term parkway has several distinct principal meanings and numerous synonyms around the world, for either a type of landscaped area or a type of road.

Type of landscaped area
  • The central area, often landscaped, which separates opposing lanes of traffic on divided streets, roads, and limited-access highways. Also known as a median in (North American English), central reservation in (British English), median strip in (North American, New Zealand, and Australian English), or central nature strip in Australia.
Types of a road
  • A divided limited-access road with grade separated interchanges. Also known as an expressway, freeway, and interstate highway in North American English; motorway, expressway and dual carriageway in Britain; Autobahn in (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), and Autostrada in (Italy, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Albania, Belgium, Egypt, Lebanon and Israel).
  • A broad landscaped highway thoroughfare, or a roadway in a park or a landscaped thoroughfare connecting parks from which trucks and other heavy vehicles are excluded.