Pallacanestro Virtus Roma - History


The club was originally founded only a few hundred yards from St. Peter's Square, as the result of the merger of two existing Roman sides in the lower divisions; San Saba and Gruppo Borgo Cavalleggeri, taking the name Virtus Aurelia. Only a short while after its foundation, the name was changed into the final and current Pallacanestro Virtus Roma.

The four founders were Rino Saba, Paolo Ragni, Pileri, Franco Polidori and Armando Polidori, who was elected first president.

The immediately following years saw the military-style training in small groups, practicing outside under the arches of Porta Cavalry. The situation changed in the early seventies when in 1972 Polidori entered into negotiations between the president and some officials of the Banco di Roma, sponsor of the training works committee, which took part in sports sponsorship. Being involved with sponsorship of the team, which at that time still hobbled in series C, ambitious bank executives who were seeking greater visibility, then aimed at the direct acquisition of Virtus Roma basketball operations. The colors were set as blue, yellow and red.

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