P. Subbarayan - Member of Indian Parliament

Member of Indian Parliament

Subbarayan also served as a member of Rajya Sabha from 1954 to 1957. In 1957, Subbarayan was elected to the Lok Sabha from Tiruchengode and served as a member till 1962. He was elected again in 1962 but was instead made Governor of Maharashtra.

Subbarayan was a member of the First Official Language Commission constituted by Prime minister Nehru on 7 June 1955, under the chairmanship of B. G. Kher. The commission delivered its report on 31 July 1956. It recommended a number of steps to eventually replace English with Hindi as the sole official language of India. Subbarayan and another member – Suniti Kumar Chatterji from West Bengal – did not agree with its findings and added dissenting notes to the report. Later when the Indian President Rajendra Prasad sought his opinion on making Hindi as the sole official language, Subbarayan advised against it.

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