Outlet may mean:

  • An electrical outlet
  • An outlet store or outlet mall
  • The pelvic outlet
  • A type of instance variable used for graphical user interface programming in the OpenStep / Cocoa environment
  • Outlet, Ontario, a community in Canada
  • The Outlet Company, a defunct retail and broadcasting company

Famous quotes containing the word outlet:

    A lock-jaw that bends a man’s head back to his heels, hydrophobia, that makes him bark at his wife and babes, insanity, that makes him eat grass; war, plague; cholera, famine, indicate a certain ferocity in nature, which, as it had its inlet by human crime, must have its outlet by human suffering.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Ballet remained the only outlet for her sensuality.
    Max Frisch (1911–1991)