Oscar Goodman - Seeking Higher Office

Seeking Higher Office

Goodman briefly entertained challenging presidential son Jack Carter for the Democratic nomination to run against incumbent Republican U.S. Senator John Ensign in 2006. However, on April 20, Goodman announced that he would not run but instead would run for a third term as mayor. After winning the mayoral election in 2007, Goodman, like his counterpart Michael Bloomberg in New York City, looked into a means to change the city charter to remove term limits. In the absence of that change, Goodman fueled speculation that he might run as an Independent in the 2010 gubernatorial race against embattled incumbent, Republican Jim Gibbons, and the presumptive Democrat candidate, Rory Reid. However, Goodman decided to drop out of the race for governor, citing his desire to stay close to his family and objections to moving to the capital Carson City. Goodman has appeared interested in higher office and was the focus of a story (perhaps tongue-in-cheek) about being the First Jewish president of the United States by Las Vegas commentator Dayvid Figler.

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