Osaka - Politics


Local administration
The Mayor and the Council

Osaka City Hall
Mayor: Toru Hashimoto
Vice Mayors: Akira Morishita,
Takashi Kashiwagi
City Council
President: Toshifumi Tagaya (LDP)
Members: 89 councilors (1 vacant)
Factions: Liberal Democratic Party
and Citizen's Club (33),
Komei Party (20),
Democratic Party of Japan
and Citizens' Coalition (19),
Japanese Communist Party (16)
Seats by districts: Ward (no. of seats)
  • Abeno-ku (4),
  • Asahi-ku (4),
  • Chūō-ku (2),
  • Fukushima-ku (2),
  • Higashinari-ku (3),
  • Higashisumiyoshi-ku (5),
  • Higashiyodogawa-ku (6),
  • Hirano-ku (6),
  • Ikuno-ku (5),
  • Jōtō-ku (5),
  • Kita-ku (3),
  • Konohana-ku (3),
  • Minato-ku (3),
  • Miyakojima-ku (3),
  • Naniwa-ku (2),
  • Nishi-ku (2),
  • Nishinari-ku (5),
  • Nishiyodogawa-ku (3),
  • Suminoe-ku (4),
  • Sumiyoshi-ku (6),
  • Taishō-ku (3),
  • Tennōji-ku (2),
  • Tsurumi-ku (3),
  • Yodogawa-ku (5)
Website Osaka City Council
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The Osaka City Council is the city's local government formed under the Local Autonomy Law. The Council has eighty-nine seats, allocated to the twenty-four wards proportional to their population and re-elected by the citizens every four years. The Council elects its President and Vice President. Toshifumi Tagaya (LDP) is the current and 104th President since May 2008. The Mayor of the city is directly elected by the citizens every four years as well, in accordance with the Local Autonomy Law. Toru Hashimoto, former governor of Osaka Prefecture is the 19th mayor of Osaka since 2011. The mayor is supported by two Vice Mayors, currently Akira Morishita and Takashi Kashiwagi, who are appointed by him in accordance with the city bylaw.

Osaka also houses several agencies of the Japanese Government. Below is a list of Governmental Offices housed in Osaka.

  • Japan Coast Guard, Fifth Regional Headquarters
  • Japan Fair Trade Commission; Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku Office
  • Kinki Regional Finance Bureau
  • Kinki Regional Economy, Trade and Industry Bureau
  • Kinki Regional Transportation Bureau
  • Kinki Communications Bureau
  • Kinki Regional Development Bureau
  • Kinki Regional Police Bureau
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Osaka Office
  • Osaka Customs
  • Osaka District Court
  • Osaka Family Court
  • Osaka High Court
  • Osaka Immigration
  • Osaka Labour Bureau
  • Osaka Meteorological Observatory
  • Osaka Public Prosecutors Office
  • Osaka Regional Aerospace Bureau
  • Osaka Regional Law Bureau
  • Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau
  • Osaka Summary Court

In July 2012, a joint multi-party bill was submitted to the Diet that would allow for implementation of the Osaka Metropolis plan as pursued by the mayor of Osaka city, the governor of Osaka and their party. If implemented, Osaka City, neighbouring Sakai City and possibly other surrounding municipalities would dissolve and be reorganized as special wards of Osaka prefecture – similar to former Tokyo City's successor wards within Tokyo prefecture. Special wards are municipal-level administrative units that leave some otherwise municipal administrative responsibilities and revenues to the prefectural administration.

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