Orophodontidae is a family of extinct ground sloths within the order Pilosa and suborder Folivora. The name is often disused with genus members reassigned.

This family is related to the other families of extinct ground sloths, Megatheriidae, Mylodontidae, Nothrotheriidae, and Scelidotheriidae. The only extant families of the suborder Folivora are Bradypodidae and Megalonychidae.

The orophodontids constitute a rather small but quite distinct group. They are classified as a distinct mylodontan superfamily Orophodontoidea, the sister taxon to the Mylodontoidea. They are sloth-like but with bony armor.

†Orophodontidae members prior to reassignment.

  • Genus Proplatyarthrus, (Megalonychidae)
  • Genus Orophodon, (Mylodontidae)
  • Genus Octodontotherium, (Mylodontidae)
  • Genus Octomylodon, (Mylodontidae)
  • Genus Octodontobradys