One Hundred and Two River

The One Hundred and Two River is a tributary of the Platte River of Missouri that is approximately 80 miles (130 km) long, in northwestern Missouri in the United States, with its source tributaries rising in southwestern Iowa.

According to the Geographic Names Information System, it is also known as the Hundred and Two River.

According to the National Atlas the river begins northwest of Hopkins, Missouri at the confluence of the East Fork One Hundred and Two River and the Middle Fork One Hundred and Two River. It is joined southwest of Hopkins by the West Fork One Hundred and Two River. All three of the forks originate in Iowa.

The three forks cross the western extension of the Sullivan Line (the Missouri-Iowa border) at between 101 and 102 miles north of the confluence of the Missouri River and Kansas River north of Kaw Point in Kansas City, Missouri which is the starting point for surveys in western Missouri.

The Sullivan Line begins exactly 100 miles north of the Kansas-Missouri confluence near Sheridan, Missouri. It was extended west in 1836 during the Platte Purchase when Native American territory was purchased by the federal government and annexed to Missouri. The Missouri portion of the 102 river is totally within the Platte Purchase area.

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