On The Twentieth Century - Songs


Act I
  • Stranded Again – Actors
  • Saddle Up the Horse – Owen O'Malley, Oliver Webb
  • On the Twentieth Century – Passengers
  • I Rise Again – Oscar Jaffe, Owen, Oliver
  • Veronique – Lily Garland, Singers
  • I Have Written a Play – Conductor Flanagan
  • Together – Passengers
  • Never – Lily, Owen, Oliver
  • Our Private World – Oscar, Lily
  • Repent – Mrs. Primrose
  • Mine – Oscar, Bruce Granit
  • I've Got it All – Lily, Oscar
  • On the Twentieth Century (reprise) – Company
Act II
  • Entr'acte: Life is Like a Train – Porters
  • Five Zeros – Oscar, Owen, Oliver, Mrs. Primrose
  • Sextet – Owen, Oliver, Oscar, Mrs. Primrose, Bruce, Lily
  • She's a Nut – Company
  • Babbette – Lily, Singers
  • The Legacy – Oscar
  • Lily, Oscar – Oscar, Lily, Singers
  • On the Twentieth Century (reprise) – Company

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