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Noted People

Ohio University has over 197,000 living alumni, approximately 105,000 of them in Ohio. Many have gone on to achieve success in a variety of fields, including art, athletics, journalism, engineering, business, and government; alumni have been recognized for their pursuits by a variety of awards, including one Nobel Prize winning alumnus. Ohio University presidents include twenty men.

1st Jacob Lindley (1809–1822)
2nd James Irvine (1822–1824)
3rd Robert G. Wilson (1824–1839)
4th William Holmes McGuffey (1839–1843)
5th Alfred Ryors (1848–1852)
6th Solomon Howard (1852–1872)
7th William Henry Scott (1872–1883)
8th Charles William Super (1884–1896)
9th Isaac Crook (1896–1898)
10th Alston Ellis (1901–1920)*
11th Elmer Burritt Bryan (1921–1934)*
12th Herman Gerlach James (1935–1943)
13th Walter S. Gamertsfelder (1943–1945)
14th John Calhoun Baker (1945–1961)
15th Vernon Roger Alden (1962–1969)
16th Claude R. Sowle (1969–1974)
17th Harry B. Crewson (1974–1975)
18th Charles J. Ping (1975–1994)
19th Robert Glidden (1994–2004)
20th Roderick J. McDavis (2004–present)

* Edwin Watts Chubb was acting president for one year in 1920 when President Ellis died and again in 1934 when President Bryan died.

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