Official Nintendo Magazine - Sections


Each month, the Official Nintendo Magazine includes the following sections in both the UK and Australian editions:

  • Welcome - a brief summary of the issue by the editor; also features the contact details
  • Contents - the articles are broken down into categories (e.g. a review of a Wii game will go under the category Review and sub-category Wii)
  • Select -
    • General - news about new games, interviews, video game movies, etc.
    • Number Crunch - the month's news in numbers
    • Global - Nintendo-related news from around the world
    • Opinion - a member of the magazine staff will give their opinion on a subject or matter that has either recently occurred or is a strong controversial issue among gamers. (e.g. UK issue 53 was about cel-shading graphics in games)
    • To Do List - the highlights of the next four weeks
    • Hotlist - the greatest happenings in the world of Nintendo this month
    • The ONM 10 - a top ten, subject changes each month
  • Feedback - a section showing the best letters, e-mails and forum posts of the month. A star letter is picked and a prize, is given to the sender. (forum posts are not in AU/NZ edition)
    • In a Word - readers' e-mails, letters and forum posts are replied to in a single word

(forum posts are not in AU/NZ edition)

    • My Collection - a short interview with a Nintendo related collection owner
    • The Gallery - pictures that are sent in by readers
  • Features - articles about exciting and interesting subjects (e.g. Easter eggs, 50 Greatest..., "The Making Of...", etc.) exclusive to the issue
  • Previews - a preview is similar to a review, except a preview is more about what they think the game will turn out to be like rather than what it is actually like
  • Reviews - an in-depth look into the latest games and how good or bad they are. The score is given in percentages and a summary is given along with the good and bad points of the game
    • Round up - a quick summary of the worst of the month's games
    • Download - short reviews of downloadable WiiWare and DSiWare games
  • Directory -
    • Game Guides - guides, walkthroughs and hints to certain games
    • Replay - a look back at an classic game
    • Rated Wii - the top 20 Wii games, features a "Don't Forget" game as well as "High Five", a top five list, and "Settling Scores" where a reader complains about a certain game score
    • Rated DS - the top 20 DS games, also features a "High Five", "Don't Forget" game and "Settling Scores"
    • Rated Wii Virtual Console - the top 25 Virtual Console games, also features a "High Five" and "Don't Forget" game
    • Rated WiiWare - the top 15 WiiWare games, features a "Don't Forget" game
    • Rated DSiWare - the top 15 DSiWare games, also features a "Don't Forget" game

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