Official Nintendo Magazine

Official Nintendo Magazine, or ONM, is a British and Australian video game magazine which covers the Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and Wii video game consoles released by Nintendo.

Originally published by EMAP(OCLC 52080622) as Nintendo Magazine System, the magazine first covered the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy consoles, and was later renamed to Nintendo Magazine, Nintendo Official Magazine then, briefly, Nintendo Official Magazine UK. Under these names, it was published by EMAP for twelve years, before the rights were sold to its current publisher, Future Publishing.(OCLC 46390444)

The first issue by Future Publishing was released on 16 February 2006. The Australian version is a follow up of Nintendo Magazine System, not to be confused with the UK publication. Its American Version (Nintendo Power Magazine) will be closed in December 2012. It's unclear if the British version will be closed together.

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