Node - in Computing and Electronics

In Computing and Electronics

  • Node (circuits), a region in an electrical circuit where there is no change in potential
  • Node (computer science), the computer representation of a node in a graph, and a basic unit used to build data structures
  • Goal node (computer science), a node in a graph that meets defined criteria for success or termination
  • Node (networking), a device such as a computer or switch attached to a computer or telecommunications network, or a point in a network topology where lines intersect
  • Mesh node, a node on a mesh network
  • Node (UML), the representation of a computational device in the Unified Modeling Language
  • Node.js, a javascript-based programming framework
  • Node (textual), a self-contained unit of meaning within a hypertextual network
  • Node B, hardware that is connected to the mobile phone network

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