Moves may refer to:

  • Moves (ballet), by Jerome Robbins
  • Moves (magazine), a periodical

Famous quotes containing the word moves:

    If anyone should want to know my name, I am called Leah. And I spend all my time weaving garlands of flowers with my fair hands, to please me when I stand before the mirror; my sister Rachel sits all the day long before her own, and never moves away. She loves to contemplate her lovely eyes; I love to use my hands to adorn myself: her joy is in reflection, mine in act.
    Dante Alighieri (1265–1321)

    Think of the wonderful circles in which our whole being moves and from which we cannot escape no matter how we try. The circler circles in these circles....
    —E.T.A.W. (Ernst Theodor Amadeus Wilhelm)

    A wheel that can be turned though nothing else moves with it, is not a part of the mechanism.
    Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889–1951)