Nick Santora

Nick Santora is a writer and producer born in Queens, New York. Santora graduated from Columbia Law School and practiced law for six years before giving up full-time practice to write and produce television.

He won the Best Screenplay of the Competition in the New York Independent International Film Festival. He has also written and/or produced The Sopranos, The Guardian, Law & Order, Prison Break, Lie To Me and he created and executive produced Beauty and the Geek. Nick also Co-wrote/Created/Executive Produced the television series Breakout Kings.

He was an on-air correspondent for Court TV while in New York.

Nick also wrote and produced "The Longshots" and was a credited writer on the Lionsgate/Marvel film, "The Punisher: War Zone."

Santora's first novel, "Slip & Fall", was selected by Borders Books Stores to be the debut novel for their newly created publishing division. It was a National Best Seller. His second novel, "Fifteen Digits", was published in 2012 by Little Brown's suspense/thriller imprint, Mulholland Books.

His first original comic books series, "Sandstorm", was sold to DC Comics and will be published sometime in 2012.

His production company, Blackjack Films, is named for his late dog, a Boxer.

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