Ne XT (demogroup) - Members


All members of NeXT were French, with one notable exception, Lem, who came from Belgium.

The individuals who joined the group in historical order are:

  • Zae (Said Hadjiat) - founding member, public relations specialist and diskmag editor
  • Stwars (Alexis Roos) - coder
  • Pulsar (Jean François Nebbia) - graphic artist
  • PCP - graphic artist
  • Mit (Olivier Lhermite) - coder
  • Dbug (Mickaël Pointier) - coder, graphic artist
  • FFT (Richard Perdriau) - musician, coder
  • Chromix (Emmanuel Courossé) - graphic artist, musician, coder
  • LAP (Emmanuel Lary) - musician
  • Lem (Thomas Gonzales) - coder
  • Lonewolf (Xavier Dugast) - coder

Like many other in demoscene, some NeXT members later joined the video game industry and successfully applied their skills on a number of games: Little Big Adventure, Time Commando, Hexplore, The Smurfs, Asterix & Obelix, V-Rally, Arabian Nights, Road Rash, Need for Speed, The Suffering, Iron Storm, Kya, Fifa, Bet on Soldier, Test Drive, Age of Conan. (See MobyGames links above for the respective personnel.)

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