Nawab - Ruling Nawbabs

Ruling Nawbabs

Families ruling when acceding to India

  • Nawbab Babi of Balasinor
  • the former Nawbabs of Arcot Carnatic, restyled Princes of Arcot
  • Nawbab of Banganapalle, previously Masulipatam
  • Nawab of Baoni
  • Nawbab of Bhopal (female rulers were known as Nawbab Begum of Bhopal)
  • Nawbab of Cambay (Kambay)
  • Nawab of Dujana
  • Nawbab of Farrukhabad
  • Nawbab of Jaora
  • Nawbab Sahib of Junagadh
  • Nawbab of Kurwai
  • Nawbab of Maler Kotla
  • Nawbab of Basai Nawbab Khwaja Muhammad Khan
  • Nawbab of Maler kotla

  • Nawbab of Mazari
  • Nawbab of Muhammadgar
  • Nawbab Sahib of Palanpur
  • Nawbab of Pataudi
  • Nawbab of Pathari
  • Nawbab of Radhanpur
  • Nawbab of Rampur
  • Nawbab of Sachin
  • Nawbab of Ashwath
  • Nawbab of Savanur
  • Nawbab of Tonk, India
  • Nawbab of Rajoli, India

Families ruling when acceding to Pakistan (including present Bangladesh)

  • Nawbab of Dir
  • Nawbab of Makran
  • Nawbab of Amb
  • Nawbab of Bahawalpur
  • Nawbab of Kharan
  • Nabwab Sahib of Junagadh
  • Nawbab of Malerkotla
  • Nawbab of Chandka state
  • Nawbab of Beka Nawbab Ali Tariq

Former dynasties which became political pensioners

  • Padshah-i-Oudh, formerly Nawab Wazir of Awadh,
also imperial Wazir of all Mughal India, both hereditary
  • Nawbabs of Bengal, as Nawbabs of Murshidabad
  • Nawbab of Surat
  • Nawbab of Marauli
  • Nawbab of Patna

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