Nashville International Airport - Cargo Facilities

Cargo Facilities

Air cargo integrators, charter cargo airlines and air express companies operate daily from the Nashville Air Cargo all-cargo complex. The complex, located across the airfield from the airport's passenger facility, is within five minutes of Interstate 40. It provides taxiway access to Nashville International's three parallel runways and crosswind international runway. The airport has seen considerable growth in its cargo operations in recent years with the addition of a 70,000 sq ft (7,000 m2) FedEx facility at BNA. China Airlines ceased operations at Nashville on July 31, 2009. For September 2010-2011, BNA had 43,500 t (43,000 long tons; 48,000 short tons) of cargo pass through its facilities.

Airlines Destinations
ASTAR Air Cargo Cincinnati
BAX Global Toledo
FedEx Express Indianapolis, Memphis, Washington-National

Additional charter and unscheduled cargo service is provided by AirNet Systems, Ameristar Air Cargo, Baron Aviation Services, Cherry Air Cargo, IFL, McNeely Charter Service, Mountain Air, Royal Air Cargo, Special Aviation Services and USA Jet.

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