MythAdventures or Myth Adventures is a fantasy series by Robert Lynn Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye. After twelve novels by Asprin, published 1978 to 2002, he and Nye continued the series with seven more books. After his death in May 2008, she intended to complete their plans.

The Myth Adventures are noted for and popular for their whimsical nature, myriad characters, and liberal use of puns. After the first book, every title turns on the similarity between the word "myth" and the prefix "mis-" or the word "miss". The inaugural title Another Fine Myth puns on the phrase "another fine mess". Chapters are usually headed by made-up quotes by famous or semi-famous persons.

Indeed, the first book was advertised under that title, Another Fine Mess, from Oliver Hardy's often-used catchphrase directed towards his film comedy partner Stan Laurel, supposedly "This is another fine mess you've gotten me into." (The actual catchphrase referred to "another nice mess".) After it was too late to change the catalog, Asprin decided that using "Myth" would be much better if the book would become a series. They changed the title and claimed a typo in the catalog.

According to Asprin, the original inspiration for the Myth Adventures was the "Road to..." comedy movie series, which stars Bing Crosby and Bob Hope as wandering con-artists/adventurers.

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